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Q1 February

Warming Up!

This is the very special moment we've been waiting! We are approaching to the OMNI Beta launch!

We will be integrating final components in the app, like notifications and remaining settings.

The app will be under stress test and all sharp edges will be polished!

Week 1

  • Beta infrastructure setup
  • Stress and penetration testing

Week 2

  • Adding account settings components to the app
  • Improvements on posts feed

Week 3

  • Testing rounds
  • Bug fixing

Week 4

  • Preparing beta launch
Work in progress!65%

Q1 January

Wallet, NFTs & Rewards

This month we'll integrate wallet functions inside the app. Since November, all of the users are assigned a wallet during the sign-up process. Users will now be able to check wallet balance and transactions.

On NFTs, we'll be integrating the service to mint a NFT to every post created in the platform. The content creator will own the NFT corresponding to the creation giving them the true verifiable ownership of the content.

We've been working for a long time to create the best algorithm to distribute OAI rewards to users and content producers in a fair way. During January, we will implement all the components to distribute rewards to our users.

Week 1

  • Wallet OAI balance and statement
  • NFT post metadata definition

Week 2

  • Post NFT minting integration
  • Testing gasless NFT minting on scale

Week 3

  • Implementing backend rewards components
  • Setup of rewards infrastructure

Week 4

  • Integration with basic AI components
  • Adding notifications to the app
Work done!100%