We Are People Driven.

The first social media app to pledge its wealth to its users is here, and it’s huge.

Finally. All of your favorite apps in one Mega App.


Our beliefs start with you, the people. Without you, our platform would be nothing, and that is why we believe in wealth sharing. From our company culture to our mission, we’re aligned with our vision and set of core values. We’re committed to sharing our platform and all of its successes with you.

For years, big tech companies have hoarded the excess wealth generated from their platforms. We know that at the source of all of this wealth is you. And that is why we’re a purpose-driven entity focused on the people and improving the world's well-being.

At Omni, we’ve integrated our beliefs into our frontier technologies to develop tools that compensate Users for their use of the Platform, while providing a pleasurable and trusted social media platform.

When you win, we win.

Our Vision

It is our firm belief system that directly impacts our vision for our company and the world. We aim to help facilitate positive change and financial prosperity, all while empowering the people and our users.

The premise is simple, transition the power and wealth from big tech companies to normal-everyday people. To us, we believe this is just the fair share.

What inspires us to make a difference?

Our objective as part of a new breed of corporations is to share a portion of our wealth and resources to the users who use our platform. So with the understanding that our organization can be a vehicle for positive societal reform, Omni is dedicated to forming a new standard for the social, economic, and environmental world.

Our Mission

It’s as simple as it is groundbreaking: revolutionize big tech and social media with our all-in-one mega app. Omni is rolling out technologies and platforms with concepts that have never been done before.

We’re taking all of the features of the world’s hottest apps and combining them into one platform. The only app you’ll ever need for messaging, streaming, sharing, and interacting with content and its creators.

Our mission is to take poverty head-on by rewarding our users, the people who give Omni its true value.

We’re pioneering the world’s first user-compensating app to change the universe of social media and tech forever. Omni is bringing new power to the people.

Are you ready to join the world’s first-ever mega app that compensates its users?

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